About Us - Hill Laboratories


At Hill Laboratories we use our sponsorship dollars to achieve the following three outcomes:

  • Supporting Sustainable Farming
  • Conserving the Environment
  • Supporting Our Future Scientists


Supporting Sustainable Farming & Conserving the Environment

Hill Laboratories is a national sponsor of the Ballance Farm Environment Awards. Supporting sustainable farming practices is fundamental to values and ethics we have at Hill Laboratories.

The Hill Laboratories Harvest Award recognises excellence in productive and resilient pasture and crop growing systems including Horticulture and Viticulture.  A good understanding of soil protection and pasture or crop husbandry should be demonstrated. An active weed and pest management plan would also be in evidence

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Supporting Our Future Scientists

Hill Laboratories is a significant sponsor of a number of initiatives that support the future of science and technology in New Zealand.

  • NIWA Science Fair Waikato
  • (the) Kudos - Hamilton Science Excellence Awards
  • The Marlborough Lines Science and Technology Fair (SCITEC)
  • University of Waikato Chemquest
  • WINTEC Centre for Science and Primary Industries Special Awards - Top Graduating Student - Diploma in Technology (Science)
  • Hill Laboratories Waikato Science & Engineering Summer School - The  Waikato Science & Engineering Summer School is a week long event run by the University of Waikato.